This Guy’s in Love with U Mare!

My friend has one free ticket to This Guy’s in Love with U Mare, and as generous as she is, she used the free ticker for her and paid for the 50% of my ticket. :)

So yesterday, we decided to watch it together. Two of our friends weren’t able to come. Besides, they have watched the movie already. The movie is not being shown at SM Dasmariñas, Robinsons Dasmariñas and SM Molino anymore but luckily, it is still showing at SM Bacoor. I think the last time I went there was when I was still in highschool. Haha.

Have you noticed the blouse I’m wearing? I just found that in the closet when I was looking for something to wear. Since mama and I are the only girls at home, and that is not mine, I wonder if that’s my mama’s. After I dressed up, I asked her if it’s hers and she confirmed it’s hers when she’s still a teenager. Haha.

And here’s a photo of me and my friend taken using Instagram after we had milk tea. We only had a few photos because we had more stories. Haha.

P.S. I’m back in Manila. :/

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